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Back from hiatus it seems!

Okay, so, after several months of being on hiatus for health reasons, I plan on starting to take pictures of my boys again.  Haven't for months.

The MD Ryu STILL does not have a name, although I'm coming close to one I think suits him finally.  It still doesn't sound quite right, but parts of it do.  (If that makes sense to anyone else! LOL!) 

For Christmas, Kah'z received a perfect pair of eyes from his Secret Santa! (xprettynothings)  They are the beautiful light lavender ones I've been looking for, only in acrylic (which makes me happy)! ^__^  I have no idea where she found them, lol.  I should ask her, considering how I'll need to purchase another pair for Indar'e.  The moment I popped them in, I was sold.  They are PERFECT!  Totally, totally in love with them.  Of course, photos will have to wait until after, yet another face-up.  His has worn quite down and I'm waiting until a little better weather to attempt it.  Well, good weather and TIME on my side to coincide.

The eyes even look great in the MD Ryu, which helps considering I haven't decided on yet the eye look I want for him, but am seriously leaning towards something pale/light.  (And for the record, I know exactly what color and style his hair will be.)

xprettynothings also sent a pair of pants that I'm just loving so much and a necklace as well for Kah'z-kun.  We were thrilled here beyond words!

On a sad note, I had been working on Corshier about two months ago, or at least attempting to.  Someone moved her to the bench near the desk for what ever reason. (She was in a box.)  Then, someone decided to sit on bench and knock everything on the floor without picking it up... Next thing I knew, I was told someone STEPPED on her head.  I... was not happy, not in the least.  Good thing though, her entire face is still in tact!  Meaning, when I finally feel confident enough, I'll work on piecing her head back together.  The rest of her body was unharmed (she was taken apart at the time) but still... I was so upset about it I felt pretty numb.  Ah well, stuff happens.  (But the next person to come in my work area, knock stuff over and not pick them up will hear it from me!)
Kah'z III

Ryu has a face! (Even if he doesn't have a name....)

As promised, the long awaited MD Ryu face-up! WH00T!  I lost the outside light and had to use a small lamp to help light the photos soooo... enjoy the crap lighting.  Also, muststssts needssssss thinner.....

There are things I don't like about the face-up but... mleh... it works for now! haha!  In the meantime, Kah'z is looking pitifully at me with his rubbed-off face-up... It's amazing how fast he goes through them... and how much I canNOT keep one on him longer than two months at the most.  Ah well.  On to the pictures!  No cut since... it's only two photos... ^_^;

Kah'z III


I've been so ecstatic because my Migidoll Ryu head came in on the 20th... only I forgot to even make a post about it!  The heat's been so bad it's even kept me away from the computer as we don't have AC upstairs.  Been between 90- 100 degrees off and on for a few weeks on the second floor... totally not nice. And it's taken me so long to give him a face-up due to the muggy humid heat in our area, and for the last several days It's rained on and off with random thunderstorms for just a few minutes or so, lol.  But enough to prevent me from being able to spray sealant or get much natural light. 

Yesterday I finally blushed the head well enough to make me happy so tried to seal it before it got much later... and being frustrated with the weather decided to try and see what happened.... It didn't go over so well.  Stupid humidity, lol!  We'll see how much I can make it work when I paint the acrylics on.  Right now I just want him to have a face of some sort while I work on making the wefts for his wig. @_@    Plus, I have been busy trying to catch up on some work and so on and so forth.  =shrugs= 

Anyway, he still doesn't have a name yet, but it'll come to me eventually.  And pictures later.  I promise!  That's all for now. ^_~
Kah'z III

Triple Photoshoot, whoo!

So, much has happened in the last several months... what else is new. ^_~  But I've decided to break the hiatus here with a triple photoshoot.  They are three separate shoots, two with a "Nature" flair.  The third is the newest and just done today!  Hope you all like.   Also, the first images for the first two shoots were too big for my layout, so there's only a preview image for the last one.

Shoot # 1:  Dated Sun May 04, 2008.

I snapped these photos at the nearby park and leaving from the park.  I despise his face-up currently and will be re-doing it soon, but the reason why's not so noticeable in these photos! There are plenty more, but I'm only posting the ones of the tree for now. Anyway, enjoy. ^_~

Poor thing is only wearing sloppers in these photos... >_>

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Shoot # 2:  Dated Thu May 15, 2008.

In this one,
I had gotten tired of seeing Kah'z face-up-less. And, right when I finally decided to re-do his face-up, the world got busy around here and every time I had a chance to finish it, I lost the light outside. (The light inside the house is like a CAVE!) Finally, I'd had enough of it and went ahead with it anyway, even though the light was dwindling! Ah well, as it turned out, I simply didn't have the time to paint his eyebrows on. (I'm also not entirely happy with the coloring, but it'll do for now. ^_~ )

At any rate, I couldn't resist snapping a few quick photos and here they are for your entertainment and enjoyment. The love the lighting in the first photo! (I also despise up the nose shots, but... oh well!)

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Shoot # 3:  Dated: Mon May 26, 2008

I finally had a chance to get those blasted eyebrows painted on.  And... I already want to re-do his face-up entirely.  The brownish mud that is his eye area blushing is getting to me and the eyebrows are still not the best as my hands kept shaking... and it took until sometime after I'd finished before I realized it was due to not having eaten anything all day... O_o  However, I REAAAAALLLY love his lips.  What can I say? 

Erm, more pic spam at least?  Couldn't decide which ones I liked the best sooo... I ended up with more than I intended.  Pic # 10 ish my favorite. =shrugs=

OH!!!  And these are the first submissions from the new cam.  I'm loving that it's doing so well!  ^___^
  Erm.. apparently I put these all all the same height rather than the same width.... Looks a little odd this way... O_o; Ah well.

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Bridge Love ~ photoshoot

So, I finally got around to editing a few of the pics that came out the best from the photoshoot I did back at the end of October.  Right above where I live the city was planning on tearing down an old bridge and I wanted to go up there and take a few pictures before construction started on November 1st.  These pictures were the last ones taken of the first wig I made Kah'z.  On the way home, near the house actually, it fell off or the wind blew it off somewhere and it plum disappeared!  We backtracked and looked all over, but saw hide nor hair of that poor little wig.  It just meant I had to make him another one, lol!  Anyway, here are the pics taken at the bridge and two taken by a tree on the walk home.  Hope you like them, and enjoy!

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Coming to you straight from Kitchener!

Yesterday I had a chance to take Kah'z out to play in the snow here in Kitchener, Ontario. I came up for a week to spend time with my best friend and have fallen in love with the entire country.  I couldn't keep myself from playing out in the snow and the images I caught of Kah'z are just beautiful.  I only hate that many of the images came out so blurry.  The preview image is my favorite of them all!  Enjoy!

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EDIT December 24, 2007:
FINALLY I have had the chance to re-size and pretty up the images for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy these wonderful snow photos, now about a month old! ^_~
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( OOC: ) Well, it's been a while since I last posted, and it's been quite wild around here. Lots of interesting things to post, though!

First, the sad news ( just to get it over with! >_< ): A couple days ago my sis and I took Kah'z up to the bridge that they were planning to tear down starting on Monday. (As of now it's officially closed! T_T) We took some WICKED photos and even got some of a train as it passed beneath! Nearly 70 some photos in all~! And then, as we were nearly home, only a few feet away, really, we noticed that Kah'z white wig had gone missing! We looked and looked for it, back-tracking twice, and nowhere was it to be found! I was like, mleh, oh well... but I've still yet to make a new one... lol! Then, when I went upstairs to download the pics to my computer, all the images on the larger of the new mem cards had been erased! =cries= I've no way to replace them! =snuffles= But, oh well.... still gotta make Kah'z a new wig! >_<

So now for some good news, lol!: hellsing365  is friggin' AWESOME! *_________* What she sent me was MORE than I expected! She sent me a camera that, while a few years old and only a point and shoot is SOOOOO much more than what I had and SOOOO much more than what I was expecting! I'm so happy to simply be able to have a camera that takes photos in a modicum of clarity! *_* So far the only negatives I've had are that the models eats batteries like candy, but a good rechargeable battery takes care of that nicely, and that even on macro, photos of face-ups are still fuzzy. Working on finding a way to clear them up a little bit more, and I'm sure it's possible. It's weird, cause with macro on it STILL focuses on the background! O_O lol! But, ah well, all in good time! =luffles on it=

I even have some nice photos to show off! KYUUUU!  (Unedited except for re-sizing... this is only temporary, lol!)

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And, that's all for now! More as I catch up on things.  Photo Shoot image in the next post! ^_~